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Education Sector Call Center Solutions

Increasing student enrollment

Professionals working at Syteg SSP have knowledge and experience in developing sophisticated call center solutions for various industries. Education sector is no exception; Syteg SSP has designed education sector call center solution that offers a wide range of services and applications for educational institutions. We have designed a comprehensive package of call center services for educational institutions that include communication tools and campaign management features. Colleges and universities often use Syteg SSP's education sector contact center software to increase student enrollment without violating the fundamental legal and ethical norms. All educational institutions know that, the greater the amount of applications they receive, the better students they eventually have. This simple rule works equally well for all higher educational institutions, and Syteg SSP's education sector call center software can help you expand your business, while reaching new applicants and increasing the number of those wishing to become your students.

Syteg SSP call center solutions offer a number of important benefits:

  • Syteg SSP has gathered all communication tools, like e-mail, fax, live chat, voicemail, callback, support ticket, and many others in a single place
  • With Syteg SSP education sector call center applications you get more contacts and applicants at a lower cost
  • With Syteg SSP education sector contact center solution you increase agent productivity and retention
  • Syteg SSP enables you to increase your system scalability

Reduce the cost per application while increasing student enrollment

Use Syteg SSP's education sector call center software to generate new leads and turn them into students. Forget about outdated manual dialing, busy lines, and answering machines. Our outbound and inbound calling system automates the dialing process and reduces your expenses. With our education sector call center solution you forget about outdated hardware that requires huge financial investments. Forget about licenses, database servers, and telephone cards. If you use Syteg SSP's education sector call center applications, you no longer need those.

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With Syteg SSP's platform and its services for education sector, you can hire more agents to engage even more students. Moreover, your agents can work from both office and home, and they can equally well work from any location across the globe. Syteg SSP's services not only help your educational establishment to attract more students, but also increase the efficiency of its operations.

Find out more about Syteg SSP solution and how it can be effectively used in your educational setting by contacting our support team!