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Contact History Database

Call history database is a powerful call center tool that already became a necessity in virtual office activities of any contact center. It can also be used as an important feature in the automatic contact history. With its help call center agents can easily check the information about each customer's call, which is recorded in the database. It is impossible to remember all the events that are discussed during the calls between customers and agents that is why call history service can be a great tool for providing effective customer service. You can also record all inbound and outbound calls, which would help to figure out all the important events during the calls from different prospects and customers and analyze them. This function is widely used by many agents to ensure better communication with clients.

Automatic Contact History Database

Syteg SSP Contact History Database is application which allows storage of the customers’ contact information, which may be exported and imported in the CSV format. All agents can simultaneously access database of the customers of their department. This application also enables to store all possible data related to interactions with the customer be it a history of live chat, call, email or message – all events may be stored. Automatic call history service is a must for all businesses in order to keep their data in order and keep record of the interactions with the customers.

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Calls History

Recordings are performed automatically and can be checked up later by managers and administrators. Automatic call history service is in use in big and small businesses for more productive and sophisticated interaction with clients and prospects. CRM application offered by Syteg also provides statistics of each call, i.e. the amount of time, entry information, call disposition status, etc. It is important for companies to keep automatic call history in the database, especially when emergency may occur in the process of the business flow. Agents usually appreciate this kind of service, because it is a great tool in the communication.

More contact information of your customers

When interacting with call center agents, customers usually get frustrated because call center operators do not have enough information about them. Contact history database eliminates this gap and helps agents to work more efficiently and professionally. This innovation is widely used lately and most customers just love it.

Manual call history recording can also be retrieved along with automatic one, including date, time, and the name of the agent who handled the call. With Syteg SSP you can have an access to call history database anywhere.

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