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Live Events Monitoring

With the development of business sector new challenges become an inevitable reality. In order to prevent some of the emerging challenges you need to make sure that all business processes are in compliance with all regulations and that all customers are fully satisfied with the quality of products (inbound and outbound calling, live chat, e - mail, support ticket system, fax and callback) and services ( call recording, IVR, CRM, toll free number, voicemail and etc.). However, when it comes to call center and virtual office applications, monitoring agents’ compliance remains one of the greatest business challenges. Quality monitoring then becomes the basic criteria for achieving the desired business outcomes. Unfortunately, quality monitoring is usually associated with considerable expenses; therefore, most people try to avoid the problem. Most businesses cannot afford training for agents so that they could work independently to meet customer needs and expectations. Even with the most qualified agents you need to have quality monitoring systems to prevent any issues that arise when dealing with call centers.

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Quality monitoring of call center operations

Quality monitoring system introduced by Syteg SSP- it is useful application for any business. Our monitoring system allows efficient remote call monitoring, live monitoring calls; with our help you will easily monitor behavior of call center agents, thus improve your customer service and your business as a whole.

Syteg will help you to effectively monitor calls and ensure that all customers receive high quality customer support in accordance with all standards of quality customer service. You will be able to evaluate the quality of interactions of call center agents with customers with the help of remote call monitoring feature. Since the main goal of your business is to ensure sustained positive customer experiences, quality monitoring operations is the factor that will help you achieve a higher market ranking. With Syteg SSP quality monitoring you will forget about the problems you might have experienced during interactions with existing and prospective clients.

Monitor calls and ensure sustained customer satisfaction

If you are a customer-oriented company then the operations of your call center agents become critically important for your success. Our services will allow you see how your agents interact with customers via messaging or calling system and how effective they are in addressing customer complaints. If you already have a virtual office receptionist, quality monitoring will be an effective tool for improving your customer support. From now on supervisors can choose the means by which they want to monitor customer interactions with your agents. Also you can either monitor selected conversations between your call center agents and customers, or silently monitor all calls and conversations of the selected agent.

With agent training costs being a huge challenge for most call centers, many have implemented quality monitoring technologies to ensure a consistent and positive customer experience.

With our quality monitoring solutions you can ensure that your agents have what it takes to satisfy all your customers. Since high-quality customer service is a key to business success in a customer-oriented business environment, quality monitoring from Syteg will help you maintain professionalism of your call center agents at all times, thus improving your customer support.