Syteg SSP

Call Center Reporting

Syteg is an experienced team of professionals offering comprehensive online phone services with many additional features and applications to include historical reporting. Call center, as a dynamic environment, maintains fluctuating inbound traffic, campaign changes and outbound lists daily. Managers are working hard to predict call center environment, while researching and analyzing rising challenges and new trends. Our call center management system can ensure efficient predictability of its environment in a much more accurate manner than any manager would.

Historical Reporting from Syteg

The Syteg call center reporting may be very instrumental in organizing an efficient work of your call center. We are able to provide you with an up-to-date access to the information that can be a valuable recourse for a better call center reporting. In addition, customers will benefit from using our Virtual Call Center, while improving their daily performance, analyzing data as well as searching for new opportunities.

Built-in reports

Syteg Virtual Call Center is capable of delivering daily reports for all Inbound and Outbound Calls, ACD Queues, Campaigns, Agents, Contacts, Lists, Worksheets, Do-Not-Calls, and IVR Scripts. Also, Syteg provides various types of built-in reports summarizing essential information about incoming and outcoming calls, customers, and campaign performance as well as key metrics of agents' performance. All built-in reporting data has been designed to meet your needs, which will provide you with essential information.

Up-to-date access to the information

In order to have an up-to-date access to the information, you would need to stay in touch with advanced customization options that consist of sorting, filtering, time periods, grouping, data columns, and report templates. All these features have been created to help your call center make right decisions based upon relevant information. In order to distribute this essential information to stakeholders, you may also use report scheduling option.

Syteg professional call center reporting service will provide one with an option to review important information and gain insight into new opportunities and challenges, while reviewing daily call center performance. Analyzing the past and forecasting the future may help you understand how to build an effective call center overcoming all upcoming challenges.

You can learn more about us and our historical reporting service that we offer by contacting us online. Do not hesitate to use our service which is designed to help you grow your business and satisfy the needs of your customers on daily basis. We are available 24/7!