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In order to achieve a success every business must have satisfied customers. It does not matter if you are selling a product or offer services – customers are the main factor for your business to keep going. Even though it is really difficult, it is of utmost importance to keep in constant contact with your clients. Usually it is impossible for the business owners to stay in touch with their customers 24/7, therefore they apply for different options in order to be available for valued clients anytime and anywhere. Of course, the best and the most affordable way out in such situation would be applying for a voice mail services offered by Syteg. Internet voicemail services provide customers with opportunity to leave a message which will be addressed as soon as possible. Voice mail services - it is the most convenient and time-saving method of keeping record of your calls and customer’s issues. Voice mail services offered by Syteg provide you with all possible options including recording of the message and downloading it to your computer. Personalized live support often implies significant expenses for your business. Finding a balance between reliable customer service and cost-efficiency has always been a challenge for many companies. At Syteg we believe we have found the solution though.

Internet Voicemail Services

There are many situations, when your agents are too busy and cannot answer calls. When your support agents are not available the best way to deal with the customer in this case is to offer voicemail services that will allow one to leave the message. Syteg's voicemail services can offer so much more than old fashioned answering machines or regular voicemail services. Isn’t it great to have your voicemail sent right to your email account? Just imagine, no additional hardware, no extra efforts, no expenses. Moreover, Syteg will provide a dedicated telephone number, a unique number for your business.

Internet voicemail has very flexible settings if compared to cell phones. A wide range of features from Syteg will allow you to choose the most appropriate services. When working in the office nothing can be more irritating than constantly ringing cell phones or hearing answering machines invitations to leave a message. Using Internet voicemail is so much more convenient. Your VM messages will be received by your phone or computer without a sound.

Internet voicemail service is available at a very affordable monthly charge. This services will include either a local, toll-free telephone number or voicemail to email application. When callers leave a message using Syteg toll-free voicemail service, it is automatically converted to an audio file and then sent to your email. Just think about how convenient is that.

Let your callers leave voicemail messages for your customer support

Syteg SSP voicemail can be very beneficial for your existing or potential customers as they will be able to reach you from any geographical location. Time zone and distance won't matter any more. People do not like any additional expenses so leaving a VM message for free is often a preferred option for most customers. Besides, voicemail services will also help you increase your chances to get more prospects. Professional services have never been so affordable. A wide range of features come at a very reasonable price. You can choose 24/7 auto attendant, professional greeting or call forwarding application to be attached to specific number in order to improve your customer experiences.

Integrated functionality of Syteg SSP Voicemail Software

Integrated voicemail functionality enables agents to review the VM messages at any time. The voicemail messages can also be reviewed by administrators in order to analyze and evaluate the agents' performance. One may choose an option of sending voicemails to a specific agent. Voicemails can also be transferred between agents to assure quality and prompt response.

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