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Data Import

Customer-oriented companies understand that their success in a great way depends on the customer service provided to their clients; therefore, more and more companies establish contact centers to effectively serve their customers. For any call center it is essential to have technical capacity to upload the lists of contacts and numbers dialed, import event history, transfer data and facilitate data management as it will boost its performance. We have worked hard to deliver data import tools that will be both reliable and easy-to-use since that's what our customers expect.

Data Management

Syteg's data import tools will meet highest quality standards as well as requirements of every customer. With the help of our services you will be able to easily import any CSV file in order to update, add or delete the records of contacts or any items of calling lists. Syteg has successfully utilized a wizard or an automatic scheduled FTP file transfer system in order to help businesses effectively import data. All our tools and applications are user-friendly and easy-to-use. Besides, you can make use of a unique identifier for consistency of contact information and saving duplicate records. Data management with Syteg SSP will make your business improve its customer service as it will help you store important event history and import data to your computer from any location as it requires only internet connection.

Transfer your data in seconds

Data import is carried out without interfering with other kinds of activities that the administrators perform. If it is necessary to add the existing contacts to the lists it can be automatically done by means of scheduled reports. Thus, the targeted campaigns grounded on the call history and contact details can be enabled with no efforts. After the data import is completed, you can choose an option of sending the results to a particular email address or even several addresses. In addition, Syteg data import tools offer an opportunity to get a summary report on the outputs which can be forwarded directly to an administrator.

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Syteg offers a wide range of services related to importing data, importing event history and data management which can prove to be particularly useful for any business. If you need to know more information about our products and services, you can always contact us.

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