Syteg SSP

Call Recording Service

Call recording services may be very useful if you want to review some parts of the talk or the whole conversation. Call recording features are vey beneficial in many aspects, especially if you wish to make your business more successful. All you will have to do is just to click a button and your inbound or outbound calls will be recorded. This service is easy and simple in operating: after finishing your call, the message with your conversation will be saved into your account and kept in your box for thirty days.

Voice Recording Call Center Feature

At Syteg we understand the urgent need of recording calls; therefore, we design and deploy respective technical systems to address those. With the help of our services companies can interact with their consumers and partners in a more sophisticated way by means of self-service recording options. Most call centers are accustomed to self-service recording, hence it is considered to be an important part of the company’s image and prestige. New technology attracts more customers and opens new business opportunities. Therefore, we strive to ensure that our clients get the most technologically advanced features.

Review of your calls

Syteg's virtual call center is an advanced service specifically designed to provide recording of the conversations between callers and agents. Most of our customers appreciate this service and use it in their interaction in the daily business process. The calls that may be completed in the IVR are sent to agents to be analyzed and evaluated. When reviewing your calls you can easily apply filter capabilities available via IVR. Any call can also be routed and get reviewed later when needed.

Excellent customer service

Customer service can assist you with voice recording if you can not manage it on your own. In order to earn your customers' loyalty you have to ensure that your agents provide consistent and efficient customer service online any time of the day. Syteg guarantees to satisfy customers' needs and meet their expectations on the highest level.

About our products and services

Learning more about the Syteg's products and services you will get more opportunities to enhance your business performance. Visiting our website you can learn more about call recording features downloading all the necessary information. To make recording of your calls you do not need any special software or appliances as we provide cloud-based Syteg SSP system that could be used anytime and anywhere. All you will have to do is to access your account at our system and select those services and features you would like to have.

New opportunities with call recording service from Syteg

  • Recording interviews
  • Documenting conversations
  • Monitoring Customer Service

Call recording could be a perfect solution for many businesses, especially for those who work within the field of healthcare and law. Our services will assist in handling disputes, interviews, monitoring of the employees, etc. Syteg introduces call recording services which allow call recording, review of your calls, voice recording to mention but a few. Agents are not able to delete call records, this feature is available to manager only, this will enable you keep operation of your agents under control. Another useful option is that our telephone system allows downloading of the call records to your computer.

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