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Frequently asked questions

  • Getting started

    Fill in the application form to register for our services. When your registration is complete, you can continue with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) registration and send the traffic. For more details, contact us..

  • What is the recommended browser?

    In order to ensure flawless traffic, we recommend using Google Chrome, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox, and version 7 or higher of Internet Explorer..

  • How to get in touch with Syteg?

    You can leave feedback at our website or write us an e-mail to You will receive an e-mail with automatically generated ticket number that will allow tracing your ticket status and any further updates on your query..

  • In which countries does Syteg offer its services?

    We offer our services globally. Currently, our services are provided in 260 countries across the globe..

  • Can you offer professional voices that our company can use? recommends using for professional voices..

  • Is there account expiration date?

    No. Once you sign up for our services and register an account with, it will never expire and you will always be granted access to your information..

  • What do “invalid numbers” numbers mean when I get them on the list?

    If you have “invalid numbers” on your list, it means that Syteg will not dial these phone numbers. “Invalid number” status is assigned to phone numbers for the following reasons: a) the area code and/or prefix do not exist; b) the area code and/or prefix have just been established; c) the phone number is fake. Examples of invalid phone numbers that will not be dialed include: 555-555-5555, 999-999-9999, 123-456-7890..

  • If we need to upload the data that is protected by state law, how does Syteg guarantees its safety?

    Syteg renders services of various security consultancies to audit our infrastructure. Customer’s data is stored in the state-of-the-art systems that are deployed in compliance to the best industry standards and are closed for public net direct access so that no private or protected information can be viewed without your authorization. For more details, please, read our Privacy Policy..

  • Can call center supervisors and owners randomly listen to how agents are servicing the calls?

    Yes. More information on the Syteg SSP features can be found on the “Campaign details” page..

  • What equipment is required to operate a Cloud Call Center?

    The requirement is to have PCs or laptops, headphones with microphones or IP phones, and stable internet connection..

  • Is it possible to record agents talking calls for further perusal?

    Although this feature is optional in Syteg’s standard package, it can be purchased separately at our website..

  • Is it possible to record agent’s time?

    Yes, agent’s logs and time can be recorded. In order to view information about agents’ logs and time, you need to double-click campaign name on “Campaign Details” page and scroll down to the bottom of the page..

  • How many agents can be logged on at the same time?

    Syteg SSP system allows for up to 400 agents to be logged on simultaneously per one campaign..

  • Is it possible to use hold music?

    Yes. Agents can choose their favorite music to play on hold..

  • Are inbound calls charged?

    No. You do not pay any charges for inbound calls. Exceptions are only call forwarding options..

  • What is the minimum top-up payment?

    The minimum top-up credit is $25, which does not expire and can be used within any period of time as there is no monthly fee..

  • How can I recharge/add credit to my account?

    To add funds to your account, go to Syteg home page, choose Login > Billing Manager > Add Funds options..

  • How long does it take to process my payments?

    Payment processing depends on the system you use to make the payments. Your payments are processed immediately if you use Credit Card or PayPal options. Processing of wire transfer may take up to 4 business days. Transfers made by Money Gram are usually processed within one working day. Your account will be credited instantly once we receive your payment in our billing system..

  • How do I make wire transfer?

    Please, contact our billing department at for bank details necessary to make wire transfer..

  • Do I pay any additional taxes?

    No, there are no any additional taxes you need to pay..

  • Is there any reseller program offered by Syteg?

    We do offer reseller programs. To apply for a reseller program, please, fill in the reseller application form on the “Products & Services” page. Our representative will contact you to discuss further registration details as soon as your application is submitted and processed..

  • How often are rate sheets updated?

    Syteg updates rates once per month, which is normally the 1st day of the month. You can access the updated rate sheet on the website for 3 days. Also, you can choose option “Receive newsletters and rate updates” during the registration at our website..

  • How can I receive my invoices?

    You can access all your invoices as well as call details online at any convenient time..

  • Which payment methods can I use?

    Syteg accepts payments made via PayPal, Moneybookers, Credit Card (Visa, American Express, MasterCard), or Wire Transfer..

  • What payment details should I provide when making a wire transfer?

    Most importantly, wire transfer payment details need to include your login ID, which is identical to your customer name in the system. These details will facilitate payment processing and crediting your account. Your payment will be processed as soon as we receive it. Please note, bank transfer might take up to 4 business days. Once we see your wire transfer in our bank account, we will update your credit in the system. In order to facilitate payment processing and avoid confusion, please, do not combine payments for several accounts in one wire transfer..

  • Do you keep credit card information in your system?

    No. We do not keep this information as we simply have no access to it. It is only our merchant intermediaries, such as Moneybookers or PayPal, that have this information..

  • Why does it take so long to credit my account if I used Google Checkout?

    Payments made via Google Checkout sometimes get delayed up to 2 days. Please, use Syteg’s credit card system to credit your account instantly..

  • How can I get/access my billing details?

    You can access detailed billing information by clicking on the name of campaign. On the billing page, you can review breakdown of total calls made, duration of calls, average cost per minute as well as total charge for calls. You can also view the breakdown by area code and download breakdown of all charges per call..

  • Are there any charges for transfers?

    No, there no any additional charges except for your mobile operator fees..

  • Are calls resulting in busy signals charged?

    No. You pay only when calls are connected..

  • Are there any initial fees?

    We offer a 2-month free trial of our services. If you decide to continue using our services after the trial period, you will need to pay $49 one-time activation fee..

  • Is there money back guarantee?

    We do offer refunds and return your money back if we fail to deliver our services..

  • How do I report a problem?

    If you experience any problems using our system, you can contact us by writing an e-mail to or leaving your comment on the “Support Center” page. You will receive ticket number to your e-mail and will be able to track it on the website. Your issue will be addressed and solved within the shortest time possible..

  • What should I do in case I lose my username and/or password?

    On such occasion, visit, go to “Login” and choose “Forgot password” option. Afterwards, follow the instructions to recover access to your account..

  • Where do I report connection problems and how are they solved?

    If any connection problems arise, please inform us via e-mail at or leave your report in support ticket on the “Support Center” page of our website. Please, provide as specific information about the problem as possible. Do not forget to include date and time, destination and detailed description of the issue..

  • How can I try your service?

    Fill in the application form and register an account with Syteg to be eligible to use our services within 2-month free trial period..

  • What is the format to dial phone numbers?

    Syteg uses common format to dial numbers: Country code – area code- phone number. Although the system will attempt to accept variations in dialing numbers, we highly recommend using 10-digit numbers with no space or any special characters. Should you require any special dialing format, please, e-mail your request to

You are welcome to use our Frequently Asked Questions section to get prompt replies to your inquiries. All you have to do is to type your question in the search box and our system will provide the answer in the shortest possible time.

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