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In our hi-tech society where pace of life is getting faster every other day face-to-face meetings become in most of the cases time consuming and old-fashioned. Nowadays, businessmen tend to use various technologies in order to communicate with their partners online by means of innovative applications. There is no need to spend hours in order to meet your partner, because you may contact him by a single click of a mouse. Online conference call services introduced by Syteg SSP – it is a breakthrough in the conference calling services. Using our system you will be able to conduct a conference call between two or more people by means of innovative telephone system.  Our conference calling services enable users to record the call and download it. Call conferencing is becoming essential part of the daily business schedule as it saves time and expenses.

We realize that there are a lot of technical issues arising during business processes or lack of technical capabilities that negatively affect your business development. We also understand how important it is for any company to quickly address such issues; therefore, at Syteg we design our systems and applications to help businesses grow while effectively addressing everyday technical challenges.

Conference Calling

Conference calling is just one of such applications designed by Syteg offering a wide range of call conferencing capabilities. We have developed a single platform, where your agents, managers, and administrators can effectively collaborate together via our Syteg SSP system. By creating additional phone numbers and adding participants you will have a great opportunity to communicate through our system allowing your potential customers and callers to make conference calls. All the participants of the conference calls may easily interact with each other; recording business calls is another feature introduced by our call conferencing services that could help you effectively improve your agents' productivity.

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Conference Call Services

From now on the agents will be able to conference in Syteg SSP and record the whole phone conversations or separate parts of them while handling multiple inbound calls. This essential feature may help agents add any number of participants into a call conversation, while handling other calls. Creating conference calls will provide better opportunities for your customers. Syteg’s online conference call services guarantees a quick access to all agents of your calls and their software. Use call conferencing opportunities in your everyday business activities and you will achieve better profits.

Increasing the productivity of your operations

Opportunity to leverage the Syteg call center software will benefit your business in creating streamline operations for a call conferencing. By streamlining operations you may improve the productivity of your agents, managers, while ensuring compliance with all necessary regulations.

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Even if you are well aware of the importance of having an access to conference calls, Syteg offers extra call conferencing features to enhance your business performance. Syteg's conference call services and applications have been designed to use new opportunities to grow one's revenues.

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