Syteg SSP

Syteg SSP Automatic Call Distribution is an effective call routing system providing each caller with top level services and ensuring that every call is answered by the most qualified professional. Automatic call distribution from Syteg SSP helps to distribute calls in efficient and flexible manner in order to improve business results and handle inbound calls appropriately. Syteg ACD provides a great platform for call center administrators to manage all calls effectively. Skills-based routing will quickly distribute your callers to the agents that will be able to quickly and professionally address their needs.

Cloud Call Center Services

Route your calls to the right agents

Syteg ACD system prioritizes available agents to receive customers' calls. Syteg's priority is to satisfy customer needs in a highly professional manner. Our staff has been trained to achieve company goals and objectives, thus we provide only top quality services to our customers. Using new technologies like ACD system along with skills-based routing application will be able to enhance business performance. When each caller is handled appropriately, the one is more likely to come back. Additional options like listening to the music or announcements during rush hours will make your callers' experience more pleasant. Syteg effective call routing system uses different sophisticated tools to benefit your business flow by providing high quality customer service and support.

Call center administrators can easily manage their team with Syteg ACD system. Our skills-based routing allows most experienced operators to receive and answer most of the calls. ACD system provides all necessary tools for call center administrators to be more flexible. All customers appreciate a consistent experience that Syteg ACD and skills-based routing system can offer. We always consider all our customers' concerns when routing inbound traffic to agents. Our newly developed ACD system is very helpful and efficient in providing appropriate services to callers.

What is ACD System?

ACD is an automatic call distributor that helps to route calls between forwarding numbers. This can be achieved by setting up appropriate ring groups among callers and collecting call forwarding numbers. A round-robin call rotation, for example, helps forward calls through the sales extensions. You may be absolutely sure that with ACD system and skills-based routing you will have a better opportunity to grow your sales and increase customer satisfaction rates. With the help of ACD system call center operators can also keep track of the calls forwarded.

ACD system is a perfect solution for your business if you seek to meet your customers' expectations and address their issues effectively.