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Call Queue

When clients dial toll-free numbers they usually reach a virtual office call queue system. The telephone answering and recording system can offer them some extension options to choose from. Their calls also can be transferred to the appropriate parties. Such call forwarding service is very convenient; however, in the busiest hours when the number of forwarded calls goes sky high, the agents cannot handle the increased scope of work and simultaneously answer all of the calls without delay. This is where you actually have to make a choice: you can either send a caller to a voicemail or utilize a call queue service. If you choose the first option, you will miss not only important calls, but also some business development opportunities. If you choose a call queue, you will pay the monthly fee of 10 dollars, but the customers will stay on the line and listen to music, while taking care of inbound calls with the help of call center queue management.

You can adjust call queue settings in accordance with your specific needs

You can choose to set the hold time for your call queue when the callers should be forwarded to voicemail. There are also some extra features; in particular, you can choose whether the callers are informed of their positions in the call queue or whether they just hear a sound indicating that there is one more call on hold. Moreover, you can use your control panel to check the real time status of any phone system call.

Call Center Queue Management

However, you should take into consideration the fact that call queue can also be used in an improper way if it leads to excessive time of calls on hold. If you are interested in high efficiency of virtual office call queue system, below is a list of simple rules to follow.

  1. A call queue service cannot make up the deficiency in personnel. You will only waste your clients’ time and make them angry.

  2. Set a reasonable maximum time of calls on hold. It can range from several minutes to more than a half an hour depending upon specific character of your business.

  3. A balance must be strictly maintained between trying to maximize the quantity of calls to be answered and minimizing the average hold time for a phone system call.

  4. Use the option of announcing the position in the call queue only if the clients will be connected in a short time. Otherwise, this feature is ineffective.

Avoid putting the clients on hold in case they have been waiting for a long time to reach an operator.