Syteg SSP

Progressive Dialer

Syteg has already proved to be one of the leaders within the communications technology market, having established strong partnership with many reputable organizations. Most of our customers and partners use our phone system, while a progressive dialer application has become one of the most popular features ordered by businesses who work with Syteg. Syteg’s Progressive Dialer is just one of the many virtual office applications that allow automating outbound calls to increase employee productivity. Regardless of the business environment you are in, you probably need to make dozens and even hundreds of outbound calls every day. The more calls you make, the more productive your business is. Especially that is true for customer-oriented companies. However, not all virtual office systems can successfully cope with the desired amount of outbound calls to be made. This is where Syteg’s Progressive Dialer can become an effective solution. Imagine that your employees or virtual office managers must call one thousand customers to notify them about the new product they have been waiting for last six months. In other words, your employees will need to make one thousand calls telling one and the same thing to a thousand of customers.

Use Syteg’s Progressive Dialer to increase communication productivity

How much time will your virtual office receptionist spend making these calls, while other customers are waiting? Apparently, this is the situation when the quality of your relations with customers is at stake and when employee productivity and performance is under threat. This is a good time then to realize that without a Progressive Dialer, all your business communication endeavors will be doomed to a failure (obviously, if your reputation matters to you). Save more time for employees and customer relations, while our Progressive Dialer will be dealing with thousands of standard outbound calls!

With Syteg’s Progressive Dialer you can have your outbound dialing automated

This can become an excellent addition to the virtual office systems you already use. Progressive Dialer alleviates the burden of outbound dialing and makes the process automated. The system works like an automatic dialer that runs through the list of your customers, detects those who have answering machines, while raising the efficiency and productivity of office operations. With Progressive Dialer from Syteg you will have more time to deal with more important and urgent issues. The progressive dialing will also enable you to control your business processes, maximize your business results, and achieve better business capacity.

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