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Future of Toll-Free Numbers

The future of toll-free numbers is one of the most escalated topics raised throughout the Internet. Users are extremely worried about (a) the growing number of toll-free numbers; and (b) the increasing popularity of toll-free options as a part of most virtual office applications. The utility of toll-free numbers in businesses has been widely documented, and their effects on the quality and efficiency of customer service systems are unlikely to be overstated. Most customers would use toll-free numbers to contact businesses and organizations and solve their product and service issues. The future of toll-free numbers is in the hands of business organizations and regulatory bodies. Today the 855 prefix signifies a new evolution in the development of toll-free numbers and virtual office systems.

Future of Toll Free Numbers

To a large extent, the 855 prefix is a sign of the new future of toll-free numbers, since with the new prefix more than seven million of new toll-free numbers will become available for businesses and individual consumers. Apparently, businesses will be extremely pleased to have greater access to toll-free numbers and other virtual office applications, since these systems can make them more accessible for customers. Consequently, the more available the company is, the better chances it will have to win its share of the market. The future of toll-free numbers will have a huge impact on the future of customer service businesses in the entire world. Globalization will further justify the development and expansion of toll-free numbers.

The 855 prefix describes the next set of toll-free numbers

Back to the 855 prefix, the release of the new set of toll free numbers has been postponed since 2000. As a result, many virtual office systems suffered the lack of toll-free opportunities. Businesses could not guarantee that their customers would reach them at any time of day and night, whereas virtual office receptionists were overloaded with incoming calls. We constantly monitor the progress of the situation, as we are sure that the release of the 855 prefix will improve the perspective on the future of toll-free numbers. We also would like to warn you: don’t be fooled by virtual office providers that promise to open a 855 prefix toll-free line for you. Remember, that only the Federal Communications Commission is responsible for opening the 855 line. Also only the FCC has the right to decide how many toll-free numbers will be released.

Contact us, if you hesitate about the use of the 855 prefix, and we will help you to make the best decision for your business!