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Enhanced Call Reports

If you already have a call center or you are going to establish a new one, one of the main challenges you will face is how to manage and store your call reports. You certainly want to have all call reports stored in one place. You also want these reports to be easily retrieved from the database; they should be easy-to-read and should not occupy a lot of space.

Enhanced call reports service

These are requirements business owners usually set for various virtual office applications. Many of them have call center applications installed as part of larger systems. However, not all virtual office systems are capable of sending call reports to email accounts or providing an opportunity for business owners and customer service representatives to manage them at a distance. With our enhanced call reports service you will enrich your workplace experiences and facilitate the process of successfully managing your customers.

The benefits of our enhanced call reports are numerous.

First, it is an effective solution for businesses of all sizes and types. With this unique option, service and product providers will be able to penetrate prospective markets and use their potential to the max. Enhanced call reports represent an innovative technical solution that will enable you to significantly strengthen your market position.

The second thing is that with our enhanced call reports you also get an advanced call center capabilities. They will enhance the quality of customer service provided by your company. With our call center reports you can easily monitor the progress of your agents’ interactions with clients online. You can see for how long conversations last and how effective your customer service representatives are in managing customer calls. You can identify the effectiveness of time usage across customer service and sales agents and trace minutes of every voicemail. Our enhanced call reports will also let you identify and record all numbers the customers use to call from.

Having enhanced call reports is the same as having a unique and invisible access to valuable information. Imagine that you will finally be able to easily find the numbers that you need, retrieve call history for particular clients, and many other options. It is without a shadow of a doubt that effective call reporting system will strengthen your customer service position in the market.

If you want to stand out among your competitors, having enhanced call reports is a must.