Syteg SSP

Live Chat Customization and Branding Tools

Customize your virtual office

With our live chat customization and branding tools you can upload your logo, a photo of the virtual office operator, or greeting message in order to establish a platform for successful interactions with your clients. Our virtual office system allows changing the size and fonts used in the messenger; it also can help with translating messages from and into any language. This way you will be able to customize your virtual office, so that it would function in accordance with your requirements.

Customize your chat invitations

With our virtual office system you can choose an image for chat invitation either from our online gallery or from your own computer. You can also choose from a series of images and customize it in a way that meets that meet your requirements. The formats used for a chat button can vary from .gif and .jpg to .png. You can also decorate your virtual office system with additional graphic features, such as transparency or animation that will present your company in a good light.

Customize your chat button

With our Syteg SSP virtual office live chat you can choose any design of a chat button. Our designers have developed an extensive gallery of chat button images. Also, if you wish to have your own design, it is no problem. With Syteg SSP you can upload any image of the chat button you think fits the best into your website design.

Customize your post chat survey

Our live chat customization and branding tools allow customizing the post chat survey as well. This is a survey you use to evaluate the level of customer satisfaction after the conversation with one of your agents is over. Customize your live chat with the post chat survey images available from our online gallery, or use your own theme to make sure it meets your requirements and supports your website design. Through live chat customization and branding tools you will able to change live chat background and layout, colors and fonts, as well as the questions posed online to visitors after their interaction with your operators. With Syteg SSP technological solutions you can decide on what is the most important information you wish to know from online visitors by incorporating this kind of information into post chat survey questions.

Also you can decide what kind of information customers will need to provide before they begin online conversation in a live chat.