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Syteg maintains contact and call history for a complete customer view. Customers are often frustrated because of lack of interactions with the call center`s agents. This can be considered as the main source of the customer frustration. Syteg is doing its best to overcome this frustration and maintain contact and call history for a complete customer view. We try to know everything about our customers and their recent interactions as well as agent productivity in the process of this interaction. To prevent negative impression that can be the reason of customers` attrition and loose of market share our management system tries to improve our services and satisfy all the specific customers` needs and requirements. Most customers do not like to repeat information and if they have to do that it may be the cause of diminishing agent productivity. Complete Customer View Agent productivity depends on how we can maintain contact and call history for a complete customer view. Syteg is designed to satisfy its agents with top quality products and services, so our main task to support each customer with professional assistance, which is available online, telephone or via email 24/7. Our web sites agents are always available to give response to each customer requirements and demands. Syteg policy is to provide best quality support and care for each customer that is what we are really proud of. Agents are available to have an access to recent inbound and outbound calls, list of contacts, add information, click-to-dial option in order to better contact with customers. Syteg SSP gives the opportunity to ensure customers that every call and interaction is available in your call center. There is no reason for customer frustrations because of our custom view and perfect agent productivity. Syteg maintains contact and call history in every call center due to the efforts of our call center staff who are mainly highly professional employees. To get more information how to maintain contact and call history for a complete customer view, you can contact us online or by telephone 24/7.

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