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Cloud computing is one of the most discussed issues in modern call center development. Hundreds of international companies enjoy the benefits of cloud computing to achieve better results. Cloud technologies enable businesses to enhance connectivity and their interactions with customers and suppliers. In a complex multichannel business environment cloud computing platforms will help one to enhance brand reputation and significantly strengthen market position. Eventually, you will be able to enhance your brand expectations.

Call centers based on cloud platforms

How it works? This is a common question related to the nature of cloud computing systems. Call centers based on cloud platforms provide greater connectivity compared to conventional call center platforms. Cloud-based call center applications feature the following benefits:

  • Rapid systems deployment;
  • Low installation and maintenance costs;
  • Independent locations;
  • Low management and training costs;
  • Better control, speed and flexibility of customer management.

Call centers based on cloud computing rely on advanced software systems that facilitate rapid integration of all services and applications into a single well-functioning system. If you still don’t understand how it works, you can compare cloud computing to an intangible service (not a product) that uses networks to share and provide software, resources, and information. With this analogy, it will be easier for you to grasp the concept and you will be able to realize the benefits of using cloud-based call center applications in business.

With Syteg you don’t have to waste hours and days to try to understand every aspect of the system - our applications and systems are effective and easy to use. In other words, you don’t need to be an IT specialist in order to grasp all implications of running our conventional call center systems. Even if you have any questions, Syteg’s customer service representatives are always at your disposal. You only need to send us your question or make a call and we will provide requested information along with necessary support.

Syteg SSP call center systems

Syteg cloud call center systems have built-in voicemail and voice management tools that serve as a link between customer service agents and the existing phone capabilities. With Internet connection you will be able to create an effective system of communication between your business and clients. For outbound calls you can use our datacenter capabilities, and for inbound calls toll-free numbers are always at your disposal.

Ask us about how to reduce the call center costs! Our customer service professionals are available to help you!

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