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Incentives from the Government for Call Center Location

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In order to make a location more attractive you cannot avoid giving a part of your income to different institutions.

The governments are aware of different ways to sweeten the pot:

  • Tax breaks for real estate. You may receive a percentage off the cost of your call center running for several years into your operation, specifically when you are considering a park of specialized office which had the input of the government, or input into an economically depressed area.
  • Credits for generating jobs. These types of incentives from the government are based on the quantity of people you employ and keep on the payroll for the entitled period of time. (This aspect is in the interest of authority because they compensate the loss in the sales and personal taxes that the employed workers are obliged to pay).
  • Training subsidies. They can suggest you to cover the cost of training in order to make you locate your center in the area with high level of part-time workers.
  • Coordinated sweeteners. A country (or a state) can couple more than one tax advantage with most favorable rates which are provided by the local telecom, or something provided at the local level by the authorities of a city or county.

The government incentives is one of the most effective areas (in accounting and legalistic terms) that can contribute to the development and growth of one's organization. Besides, if you could have those benefits why should you not make use of them since the community receives so many advantages from the call centers.

It is absolutely reasonable that the companies that run call centers receive incentives from the government as such enterpises usually create high-tech facilities and generate new jobs in a city. Also, when two locations are in the competing position regarding telecom, amenities and labor, under such circumstances incentives from the government side are a great temptation. Besides, some of the incentives offered may become a key to one's business success.

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