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Labor Quality for the Call Centers

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Every good call center manager knows that call centers usually draw the working force from the marginally employed. Those include people like students, housewives with flexible schedules, recent graduates or people who have part time jobs. If there is a choice between working in a call center and somewhere else, managers need to come up with a good reason why one should choose working in a call center. Usually there is no such a reason. Those, who specialize in recruiting thousands of agents claim that almost everybody who works in a call center one day had to call to temporary employment agencies. After temp agencies receive calls and they usually start looking for people whom they could not place anywhere else, but at call centers. Such circumstances do not give an opportunity to carefully check the skills of every potential candidate.

For call center site selection it means that common rules do not always apply. It does not make any sense to choose the location for the reason of labor costs. Labor cost will be evolving along with the changes of economic conditions. The best advice in this case is to pay attention to the continuity and quality of one's labor force. Labor quality for the call centers means well-educated people with communication and computer skills, and a solid work ethic. Continuity means that the labor pool is extensive enough to ensure a regular employees base.

It is believed that the rate of area’s unemployment is the vital indicator of available workers; however, the better indicator for this is how the market grows. High unemployment rate gives an opportunity to choose from a big number of workers, but it does not promise high labor quality for the call centers.

High standards for recruiting can be set if the market of labor is growing.

Employees who are not qualified enough may be fired by the company. A high birth rate and a large percentage of young people can be other signs to consider.

It is vitally important for call centers to have a growing labor pool. It is much more important for call centers than fopr any other kind of businesses. High turnover rate and stress are two main causes why call centers burn labor pool faster.

A regular supply of new workers will facilitate the process of searching new employees. especially when the retention rates are low. High quality job performance is essential for effective support services provided by contact centers. Therefore, one may want to focus on this aspect in order to ensure excellent customer service.

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