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Addressing the Needs of Small Centers

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You Have a Small Center? We Can Help You!

Small centers are not uncommon, but their needs are often disregarded. Let’s think of any small call center and the needs faced by its administrators and owners. More often than not, they face the need to purchase expensive equipment and standalone ACD systems. These small call centers have little or no chance to carry these huge costs. However, it is good to know that call routing can help small call centers to meet their basic call needs. With the help of call routing, even the smallest call centers can afford operating at a large call-center-level.

Imagine that your call center comprises from five to ten employees, or imagine that your small call center operates as part of a larger organization or a support function of the customer service area. The needs of these and larger call centers are very similar. Unfortunately, until present, the needs of small call centers were persistently disregarded, and only large call centers had a chance to improve their capacity and functioning.

However, compared to large call centers, small call centers may appear to be more flexible and responsive to their callers. This is also why they need additional support and technical assistance, to move their operations to a higher quality level. These solutions should be sophisticated enough to meet the needs of callers and simple enough to build on the call routing systems these call centers already have in place. Today’s vendors offer a variety of flexible and easily adjustable systems to meet the most sophisticated call center needs. For example, PC-based ACD systems are becoming extremely popular among small call centers.

Professionals working in call centers know that it is much less expensive to integrate ACD systems with those already in place than build an entirely new system. Such integration does not require huge capital expenditures. All small call centers need is to find the most appropriate, experienced vendor and bring their systems to the desired state of functioning. For example, for a call center that comprises no more than 10 employees, adding voice mail, voice response, or interactive chat options can become a huge competitive advantage. With these options in place, even the smaller call center can look and sound professional.

More important is whether or not small call centers can have a system of third-party control. With modern systems, you no longer need to be a technical professional in order to run these systems smoothly. All you need is a PC, which turns your virtual office center applications into a low-end solution. Just use your system and enjoy greater customer satisfaction, at being able to provide multi-language support, effective call routing, or 24/7 availability.

With the help of the PBX ACD system you can manage your call center operations without going too deep into technical complexities. With these systems, you reduce the risks of making technical mistakes and can certainly provide your customers with high-quality service. If you feel that your call center expands and the number of call center representatives is already more than 50, then try to use standalone ACD systems. However, before taking the final decision, make sure you check with your vendor the availability and features of various low-end offerings, as many vendors have a wide choice of smooth-upgrade systems that can increase your competitiveness in the small call center market.

With PBX ACD and PC, you won’t need to spend huge money on installation and functioning. Most probably, you already have a PBX that can be successfully upgraded. Begin by converting one or several users. Use systems that suit your needs, even if they do not deliver everything you would like to have. Remember that your needs may differ greatly from those in other call centers. Don’t forget that different owners and call center administrators need to have their reports delivered in entirely different ways. With all this software, you can easily become a leader in the small call center field. With these small-scale solutions for call centers you will be able to please customers while also avoiding considerable expenses.

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