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Setting Up Call Centers

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Setting Up Call Centers Call centers and the era of technologies – are they compatible? Many individuals and business owners believe that having call centers in our time is at least outdated. Nevertheless, it is at least incorrect to say that the knowledge of call centers and setting up call centers is no longer necessary. Rather, it is imperative for professional businesses to understand and deal with the complexities underlying the process of setting up call centers. Before call centers, Automatic Call Distribution Systems had been at the forefront of communication technologies. ACDS were installed to transfer calls to free operators and order calls in case all operators were busy. Call centers represent a novel form of ACDS. Unlike ACDS, call center professionals can hold dozens of calls and messages from callers concerning multiple products and services. Setting up call centers starts with a proper definition of call centers as a form of communications. A call center is complex networked organism that facilitates the delivery and transfer of inbound and outbound calls. Present day call centers involve the use of both human and technical features, and setting up call centers usually presupposes integrating staff training and characteristics with the appropriate technical features. The idea of call centers is rather simple: once you dial the number, the system transfers you to a free operator or queues you, if all operators and lines are busy. Despite visible simplicity, setting up call centers is extremely problematic. Setting up call centers is something more than finding an appropriate place, getting an ISDN connection, hiring the staff and having your call center running. In reality, the fuss surrounding the issue of setting up call centers is justified by the challenges faced by companies in their striving to have a personal call center. The complexity of setting up and running call center is obvious. Basically, you need to follow these steps in order to get a call center for yourself: -          Start with getting a good and easily recognizable toll-free number; -          Proceed to obtain a multichannel system to manage your calls, namely, ISDN and BIG EGO interface; -          Setting up call centers requires getting a broadband internet connection, which also means that you will have to purchase a SDSL connection or lease a separate Internet line; -          Ensure that you hold an IPPABX protocol for private information exchange; -          Purchase Cat 5+ cable and lots of IP phones; -          Work to obtain an IP gateway; -          Install complex agent software; And these are not all steps you need to follow in order to run a call center. Complex, isn’t it? If you no longer feel capable of dealing with this task on your own, feel free to ask us for assistance, and we will set up a perfect call center for you!

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