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The Role of Outdialing Systems

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If you own a call center or simply manage it, you definitely feel annoyed every time your cloud call center managers cannot reach the clients on their call lists. However, you also realize that your agents’ professionalism and experience have nothing to do with this problem. It is that your call center agents are often distracted from their primary responsibilities and have to waste their time on the functions and tasks that are beyond the scope of their workplace responsibilities. The longer your call center agents deal with these problems, the costlier your call center operations become. Even with a small call center, of 100 clients on the calling list only 25-35 can be reached without any difficulty. It is not surprising that call center agents waste hours and even days to cope with their tasks and meet their professional goals. It sometimes takes days to hear a human voice at the other end of the phone line.

Yet, technologies change the world, and call center administrators currently have everything they need to enhance the quality and speed of their operations. Today’s dialers provide call center agents with greater interaction opportunities. The entire outdialing process has changed, and predictive dialing has already become part of call centers’ routine operations.

With predictive dialing, virtual office receptionists and call center agents are connected only to live humans

With predictive dialing, call centers can successfully screen out potentially non-productive contacts and calls before call center agents deal with them. This way, call center administrators won’t have to waste their time on busy lines, answering machines, no-answers, and other problems. With predictive dialing, call center agents increase their productivity and move from one call to another, without any stop.

However, predictive dialing is just one of the many types of automatic dialing currently available to call center agents. Numerous automatic dialing options are used to make the work of call center agents more efficient and productive. Nevertheless, predictive dialing has proved to be one of the most important features of today’s small and big call centers. One of the main reasons why predictive dialing is so popular is because it is both complex and easy-to-use. Predictive dialing systems are built on complex IT solutions and mathematical algorithms. These algorithms are designed specifically to enable call center systems to consider multiple caller variables and criteria. For example, predictive dialing systems are real-time solutions considering simultaneously the number of callers, free phone lines, an average length of conversation, and even the probability of reaching a live human. These and other data make it easier for call center operators to increase the number of contacts they make on a daily basis.

Some predictive dialing systems are so complex that they can adjust the number of contacts and calls made, based on the probability of reaching a live customer. This is why predictive dialing is sometimes compared to gambling. These predictive dialing systems calculate the probability of reaching a live customer. They further throw more calls and contacts into those networks where reaching a live human is more probable. These predictive dialing systems also calculate the number of agents free to handle these calls. Depending on the result, predictive dialing will choose the network where chances to succeed are the highest.

However, even the most advanced predictive dialing system is not perfect. Call center agents may find it difficult to handle the failures and inconsistencies caused by predictive dialing systems. Even then, the risks of failure across predictive dialing systems are much lower than among live call center administrators. Apparently, even the most experienced call center agents will not have the mathematical and IT capabilities available through predictive dialing systems. The main task is to have the predictive dialing system installed by professionals and fine-tuned in accordance with the desired calling algorithm.

Predictive dialing is hardly a revolutionary invention

Many outbound call centers have used predictive dialing solutions for years. Predictive dialing is so popular among outbound call centers, because it takes a wealth of wasted time from call center agents. Many of them used to spend no more than 25 minutes of live talk per hour, with the remaining time spent on manual dialing. Now that predictive dialing is available across many outbound call centers, call center agents can focus on their primary tasks and leave everything else to the predictive dialing processor.

With a predictive dialer, your call center agents can spend up to 50 minutes per hour talking to live customers. This is unprecedented, given the amount of time they previously wasted on manual dialing. The most advanced call centers sometimes have their agents spend 54 minutes per hour talking to customers. Everything is becoming simpler and more effective, with a predictive technology that simply detects what is going on at the other end of the phone line. A predictive dialer is a complex machine that can easily differentiate an answering machine from a live human voice. They only need 1/50th of a second to detect what exactly is there at the other side of the phone.

Even despite the growing usability of predictive dialing systems, many call center agents do not understand how a predictive dialer can help them to improve their productivity. Basically, predictive dialing can be used to automate all outbound call center operations, including dialing and controlling. With the help of predictive dialing, call centers can develop sophisticated outbound campaigns. Predictive dialing can help you to schedule automatic callbacks for the calls that are not answered or are considered nonproductive. Simply stated, predictive dialing can help you to manage your decisions more effectively.  Enjoy the benefits of automated dialing and reach more real and potential customers in less time. Use predictive dialing to optimize your workforce and increase your profits!

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