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To advance and prosper, small companies and entrepreneurs are to make a good showing and give every impression of a vast scale, credibility and established reputation. A Syteg virtual assistant can facilitate this process and further the progress of such kind of a business that needs to gain some advantages to be competitive alongside with major companies. If you cannot afford expensive hardware but still need to use a traditional telephone system in your work, the services of a virtual assistant are indispensable. Thus, you will be able to take the benefit from all the features of a conventional phone communication and avoid out-of-line expenses. You can rely on the Syteg virtual assistant that will manage the incoming phone calls to the enterprise. It is up to you to choose a greeting that all your customers will hear having called to your company. An automatic answering device active on a round-the-clock basis without any weekends or holidays will take every call without fail and greet each client with the agreed short text. Afterwards, the phone call is routed to the required person. Sometimes a missed call means a wasted opportunity that can never be retrieved. The virtual assistant can minimize the risk and guarantee attending each phone call you get. One of the valuable features of the Syteg device is call forwarding. Every incoming phone call is routed not to one employee, but to all the agents. Therefore, the virtual assistant eliminates the possibility of a missed call. It is convenient also since the agents can work from different locations without sacrificing the quality of the rendered service. You can also make use of other options that can contribute greatly to the efficiency of your work. Sending voicemails, for instance, can be accompanied with voicemail transcripts that you may need at a further date. Among the additional features is music on hold that can fill the silence, entertain the customers and create a positive initial impression.  

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