Syteg SSP

Video & Monitor Spy Software

You desperately want to see an improvement in your business development. Thousands of dollars have already been spent on the latest technologies, advertisement and work environment. Finally, you realize that the effectiveness depends heavily on the performance of your employees. Monitoring the agents’ work is of utmost importance for your business.

Beyond controversy, you cannot afford spending all your time within easy reach of the personnel to exercise control over their activities. Not that long ago you used to employ managers who were in charge of supervising the employees’ work. They were supposed to prevent the violation of employee’s responsibilities and ignoring their direct duties. Such resolution to a problem of work control is supportable though still imperfect.

Syteg offers a revolutionary idea of a Video&Monitor Spy Software. You can keep a watchful eye on your employees when you are at work, at home or anywhere where you can find a computer with Internet connection. Such kind of surveillance can be exercised from wherever you are. The Video&Monitor Spy can ensure continuous and uninterrupted control over the work flow at your enterprise.

The Video&Monitor Spy is installed to allow the person in charge to have access to all the live chats of the agents, monitor their working places with the help of the web cameras, control the desktops and record the phone calls. The Video&Monitor Spy system is really convenient and easy to use. It guarantees that none of the activities of the employees during business hours will be neglected. Do not be doubtful of your workers’ diligence, check it right away! Better safe than sorry. Sign up and within a few minutes you will get a reliable service that will definitely give rise to the enhancement of labor efficiency, growth and prosperity of your business.  Video&Monitor Spy will serve to the benefit of everybody concerned.