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Almost everything is ready and we are waiting to move our servers to new collocation. As soon as we finish this process we’ll be ready to go and to open our service to everyone. Finally!!! But before we’ll do this and while we are in a process of setting everything I decided to open this blog where I will describe all process of making this product and actually introducing all the features to our viewers.  We are still haven’t have a complete tutorial for the system and I see this blog as the first introduction of the SSP. Even though the opening date was scheduled on January because of different technical issues and complicated business relations the premier was postponed till the mid of a fall 2013. So here we go, let’s start our journey. Before I will start to explain the whole idea and process of making this product I want to let you know that in this blog I will explain everything as new user which doesn’t know anything about the product. Even though the whole idea was created by me it’s been almost 6 month since the product was in testing mode and was analyzed and reviewed by our tech department while in parallel with developing programmers. Through this period of time I was busy with my other business and didn’t have time to work with my creation. Therefore, the complete version of Syteg SSP is quite new for me and while I’ll be writing this blog I will rediscover the full potential of our system. Let me start from the beginning…

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