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Our company was established in September 2006. We started as a small company offering call center services to customer-oriented companies within the United States of America. Having utilized the emerging technologies, Syteg has already achieved high revenues and earned customers` trust nationwide.

Syteg delivers high quality call center services and software solutions at competitive prices without compromising quality as we understand that one's customers' loyalty is at stake. We make every effort to stay the first-class telecommunication provider as Syteg invests heavily in the newest technologies to provide our customers only high quality answering services. We offer friendly customer support, while offering short-term trial packages and customer service management tools. This way you can try and see how our call center services can help to enhance your business performance and increase customer satisfaction rates. Our priority is to understand what online businesses need the most and design appropriate solutions that can facilitate business growth.

Customer Care Service

Syteg`s commitment to its customers has always been a hallmark of its reputation attracting more customers throughout the United States of America. Once, being a small company, now Syteg is proud to be among the category leaders within the call center industry. One can hardly imagine a successful business without emerging technologies in use as they became an essential part of any customer-oriented company today. However, maximizing the benefits that those technologies can bring into one's business is something that is not easy to achieve. Syteg SSP is constantly improving its software, develops new applications, updates its functions and implements new technologies in order to provide its customers with up-to-date services.

Our pricing policy allows many companies to attract more customers nationwide without spending too much money on advertising campaigns. Returning customers and top-quality call center software and services make the brand name of Syteg one of the market leaders within the call center environment.

Our Services

We are totally committed to what we do and our vision continues to drive innovations in all stages of our development. Telecommunication tools from Syteg SSP have already gained recognition among various companies worldwide. We have our headquarters located in the United States and affiliate companies in Russia and Ukraine. All of our services are available throughout the world as we attract thousands of customers from different locations that are eager to make their businesses prosper with the help of Syteg's products.

Reasonable prices and top quality call center service allow our company to successfully assist small businesses in creating profitable and reliable image. By offering such services as inbound and outbound calling, live chat, e - mail, support ticket system, fax and callback option we try to help our clients to address the specific needs of their businesses.

For more detailed information about us, please contact our call center!

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