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Labor Safety, Office Space and the ADA

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What Factors Should Affect Your Design?

The ADA Federal Law. The Americans With Disabilities Act should have serious influence on your call center design. You are to be aware that ADA is civil rights law but it is to be considered as well as a building code. There is no way to avoid its regulations, even you decide to move to another location you will have to adjust it accordingly. In order to comply with all requirements of the ADA federal law, one will need to do a lot of planning.

The building codes vary from state to state. Some locations will demand ramps and accessible restrooms, some other conveniences might be required for the physically challenged. Business owners should be aware of the fact that the ADA actually does not make any of such adjustments mandatory. But do not forget that it is illegal to refuse hiring a qualified applicant only because of inaccessible facilities.

Thoughtful planning is always required.

There is always a number of options to choose from. The cheapest way is to install special equipment and facilities in the very beginning. Renovation is always more expensive. Although it will be required whenever you hire physically challenged employees. Obviously, the most expensive option is to ignore the regulation and face the lawsuit.

Some owners of telebusiness are underestimating the importance of workstation locations. If it cannot accommodate a wheelchair or causes difficulties for a blind TSR to move around then it is obviously not well-organized. Proper call center's interior design ensures proper the connection between employees and the limitations of the office space.

Labor Safety. Safety of your employees has to become one of your top concerns. All the materials used are to be fire resistant; fire exits should be open and marked accordingly. Fire safety regulations do not take much to be followed but ignoring them will cause huge troubles. The personnel of your call center should be properly informed on fire safety procedures and regulations. Labor safety concerns may vary across the states, but most of them are very common throughout the country.

Office Space. Generally 35 square feet of workspace is recommended for each employee. However, your customer service will require up to 45 square feet per call center agent. Why? Well, your service and support reps will refer to various manuals, tutorials, reference materials which are to be stored conveniently and easily accessed - it would require some space.

Your office space planning should consider the number of people that work as a team in one office. Your supervisors and team leaders will also need some space to effectively perform their duties. Meeting-rooms might be very important for effective functioning of your call center too. Training or coaching sessions can be conducted in the meeting room to isolate your call center stations.

Cultural differences will surely affect your call center office space if you are working with international teams. As you probably could easily notice to comply with all regulations and to ensure effective working environment, one needs to carefully plan interior.

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