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Computers and Monitors. The screen top should be placed at eye height preferably, when it is slightly below it will also not hurt your eyes that much. When you look at the monitor from 18 to 24 inches or better 30 inches you will avoid electromagnetic radiation or at least minimize its influence. There is no small thing when it comes to health protection. Very small investment in proper computers will result in effective work of your call center agents.The size of the monitor matters the most. Your call center agents will get all the critical customer information from the screen. The larger the monitor you buy for them, the more windows they can open together. So choose at least seventeen inches to make sure they will be able to handle their job well enough.

Privacy or isolation? Some employers choose making high walls between agents’ seats to reduce noise level. This way they also physically cut off their employees from one another and thus reduce their communication. It often happens that asking another agent’s opinion might the best way to handle the difficult call or chat.

Readerboard used to be very important. It was supposed to be hung in the center of the office so all the call centers could use it properly. Scrolling screen tickers that give all ACD info have totally replaced it. So higher walls and less formal cluster organization is possible. The cubicles can be arranged in different ways. 42 inches walls are very popular since they give certain privacy while the agents still have every opportunity to communicate with ease.

Employees’ opinion. Call center agents are the best consultants in designing of the centers. Since they are using all your facilities they surely know best what ought to be changed or improved.

Questioning employ­ees before making any decisions as to buying workstations or furniture will help to avoid future complaints.

Since your call center agents have to make repetitive phone calls and numerous keyboard tasks, they are spending most of the day at their desks. So using ergonomic equipment might be critical.  Productive employees should have comfortable working conditions. It is very obvious that devoted employees make success of the call center.

Psychological aspect is no less important. When call center agents feel involved in the process of design and set up of the call center they develop responsibility and confidence.

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