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Announcers for On-hold Messages

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The essential element of the VioP suite is announcer, which answers an incoming call from customer by playing a pre-recorded message.  There are digital announcers that use a computer chip to store the message, while tape systems similar to answering machines are still used as well. Still, it is advised to use digital storage systems, as tapes are too delicate and cumbersome to handle, as well as difficult to edit.

Announcers allow customers to listen to the message and hang up, or choose to stay on the line to get more information

Announcers can be used within Automatic Call Distribution system to play specific messages to callers on hold. These announcers can include a ‘thank you’ message to appreciate caller’s waiting on the line, playing on-hold music, or some pre-recorded promotional messages.

Although the importance of announcers for cloud call centers cannot be undermined, they are simple to design, since they do not require that much of high-tech resources as other voice processing technologies. However, businesses benefit from making playing messages and making the callers’ staying on hold for a call center representative informative and pleasant.

Numerous call centers integrate computer and VoiP technologies to save at least few seconds per call despite the cost of the sophisticated implementations. They do so, since promotional messages played in announcers will save them more time per call at virtually no cost. It is the length of recording that is of significant importance, when choosing an announcer.

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