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There are five primary features that the company wants to add to its calling center by implementing CTI. Of course, there are lots more and the list of requirements is constantly growing since IT industry is constantly developing. After detailed consideration, the most frequent features demanded and considered to be beneficial to the companies when implementing new application are proposed. Overall, the core benefits of the newly implemented application remain the same – to ensure quick voice response and best customer service.

Real-Time Screen Transfer

When the agent is on the phone and talking with the client, he/she is able to simultaneously transfer the call to another person for special treatment. Here, the agent just presses the button on his screen, sees the message, such as “Please indicate the person the call is forwarded to,” types the name of the person, and presses “Enter” button. As a result, the specialist receives the call and sees the updated screen. The process takes less than several seconds.

Automated number identification/ Database lookup for the Caller ID

As a rule, it is possible to see caller’s number when someone calls the person. When the agent receives the call, the automated CTI application is able to grab the number and transfer its ID to the database via LAN. This information is stored in the call history database; therefore, when the person using the same telephone number calls, the agent receives screen with detailed information on the caller, such as purchase history, inquiries, problems, history of resolved problems, etc.  Plus, automated number identification can save up to 15 minutes of the call, since the agent does not need to go through the standard procedure of identifying the person (name, address, phone number, and so on).

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