Syteg SSP

Interactive Voice Response

The use of Syteg SSP systems has become an increasingly common solution within the business environment among customer-oriented companies. The growing popularity of SSP systems is justified by the fact that the system is capable of creating an image of a large company even if one is a small organization. The use of remote virtual office systems makes customers believe that a virtual office receptionist they talk to is actually tied to the office location and works with other employees in one place. As a matter of fact, most virtual office receptionists are scattered all around the globe, which helps companies to save their HR costs without damaging their reputation.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Syteg's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is another effective solution for the companies that wish to strengthen their market position but do not have significant costs to invest into the company's development programs. In this case, all that a small company has to do is to set up and run an easy to use virtual office system. In other words, small companies that want to look larger simply need to have a virtual PBX system that will answer calls, greet customers, and transfer them to the specialists who can answer difficult question or resolve customer long-standing problems. An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology will make your business more effective and accessible for your customers. You will be able to enjoy the increasing profitability without spending the whole deal on staff.

Many companies that have been operating within the market for over 10 years could recall how difficult it used to be to run a business without a virtual office system. They needed to maintain complex phone connections in order to stay in touch with their customers and suppliers. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) turns it all upside down providing a unique opportunity to manage customers and suppliers through an on-site virtual office system. With Syteg SSP you no longer need to spend thousands of dollars on hardware, software, and technical maintenance of your phone systems. All you need is to deploy and run an easy to use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology as it will allow computers to interact with one's customers.

Virtual office system

Today it is no big thing to use a virtual office receptionist to manage one's customers and suppliers. However, it would not settle all of your issues - there are so many of them to address in order to establish a smooth interaction with customers. With Interactive Voice Response (IVR) assistance you will forget about majority of them. The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology will allow one to have a computer interact with customers, thus ensuring high quality of customer service by eliminating human factor flaws. The system has been designed to retrieve external information from web-based data systems for the purpose of enhancing the quality of interactions with customers. With the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) you can ensure seamless connections with customers and their 100% satisfaction.

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