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Auto Attendant

What is an Auto Attendant?

There are different ways to attract new customers. Auto Attendant is a special feature that serves to greet your customers in the form of a pre-recorded message (that you can create yourself), which will welcome your callers in a polite manner. When customers call your 800 toll-free number, the first thing they hear would be your greeting message. With the help of this service you can either create new welcoming messages over the phone or upload those from your personal computer. You may want to include any updates regarding your company's activities or auto attendant features such as new working hours, locations, schedules and other important news. Updated information would make an impression that you do care about providing necessary information to your customers. As a matter of fact, it usually serves as a great tool to attract new clients.

Auto Attendant Features

When callers dial your toll-free number the first thing they hear would be your welcoming greeting. Make sure your message is up-to-date consisting of the up-to-date information about your business that would inform callers of any important updates you think they have to be aware of. It is also important for a virtual receptionist service to help customers reach the right person or department for their further communication. It is up to you whether to make a greeting message short or long. You should keep in mind, though, that many callers do not want to be bothered with too long greetings, and wish to save their time. You'd better be brief and accurate with all the information you offer.

Syteg SSP offers a variety of sample greetings recorded with male/female voices with different accents, tones and in many languages. We have special voice specialists who can create you greeting messages for a reasonable price. They create pre-recorded messages for your auto attendant, while making your virtual receptionist sound great. Do not waste your time recording your own greetings, let our professionals do it for you, and you will see how beneficial it can be. We understand that it is very challenging for any business to expand and maintain professional services at all times; therefore, we design and offer different marketing tools which can help your business sound bigger. Auto attendant service could be a great choice to be equipped with new technologies so that you could provide a better service to your callers.

With Syteg SSP's auto attendant features and professional assistance you will be able to achieve higher customer satisfacion rates and increase your sales. It will be a great addition to your virtual receptionist service. There is no need to pay extra fees or install special hardware on your computer, the only thing you will need is the Internet coonection and the phone.

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