Syteg SSP

Mid-sized Business Call Center Solution

Syteg SSP offers cloud applications for mid size businesses that are interested in enhancing their capacities and business performance. Our advanced cloud-based services have been designed specifically to improve the efficiency of phone services rendered by your contact center.

Have you been using the complicated telecom closet for a while? Have you given your preference to an on-premise telephone system that has been marketed as a perfect solution for mid-sized businesses? It makes no difference which of the two options you have chosen. You probably have learnt at first hand that both of them require significant investments. Moreover, continuous support and maintenance costs result in considerable expenses that often do not pay off. Obviously, there is much more to say, but this is more than enough to start seeking other alternatives of solutions for small & medium businesses.

Cloud based call center solutions for mid-sized businesses

Mid-sized businesses often face difficulties while strugling to provide multichannel customer support with technologies that were designed for larger companies. With its call center software for mid-sized businesses, Syteg SSP System fills in the existing gap in communication between a company and customers and enables both mid-sized organizations and large enterprises to equally address the needs of their current and potential clients.

The medium business call center solutions that we offer are cloud-based, which means that the chances of virtual phone system failures are very insignificant. Our services would perfectly match mid-sized businesses with multiple locations throughout the country. Syteg SSP System offers sophisticated capabilities for multichannel cloud applications for mid-sized businesses, which, at the same time, are characterized by simplicity so much needed by a mid-sized organizations.

Make up your mind and get a range of benefits with Syteg SSP System.

  • Multichannel support – inbound & outbound calling, live chat, email, voicemail, callback, support tickets, SMS and fax
  • Greater Mobility - the inbound and outbound calls can be made via a desk telephone, mobile phone, or even softphone
  • Lower overall expenses and more services. The number of calls you can make and accept is unlimited
  • Professional software with advanced feature that enable your company work efficiently
  • Greater scalability — unlimited number of agents
  • Flexible virtual business office - the number of locations from which the employees can work is unlimited as well. Syteg SSP System offers support to both local and remote agents

Syteg SSP System's call center software for mid-sized business will enable your company work efficiently and provide excellet customer care, which will result in greater profits and increased customer base.